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Cobasi Case

Cobasi is the pioneer brand that led the construction of the pet retail market as we know it in Brazil!

The first store inaugurated in 1985, was born as a farming store. And in an unprecedented movement in the country, its founders decided to give up on products such as fences, seeds and bring the pet store concept that had recently arisen in the U.S. Currently with more than 130 stores, its main transaction is one of affection! It it is a place that enables meetings: of collaborators, clients, and pets.

Our challenge for such a special client was to excavate the Purpose of Cobasi and, from this truth, create a positioning that translated its value proposition.


With our proprietary methodology to reveal the Purpose of organizations, the Soul Route, we dug deep into the universe of the brand and its consumers.

Inspired by the definition of Purpose formulated 2300 years ago by the philosopher Aristotle, that said that “Where our authentic talents come together with the necessities of the world, therein lies our Purpose,” the methodology consists of 3 stages.

SOU Step - Who I am. Our immersion with managers, employees and consumers led to a deep brand diagnosis, and in it we discovered the paths already traced by Cobasi, a step by step that brought the brand to where it is and that formed its identity of who she is. From this ample brand diagnostic, we uncovered Cobasi’s talents, which makes the brand unique.

SOUL Step - Qual minha alma. This time, with the help of our energizers, people that do not know anything about the pet market or branding, but that understand a lot about people, we organized a workshop to discuss what necessities of Cobasi’s society could match with their talents.

REVELATION OF THE PURPOSE Finally, the moment to present the Purpose that we articulated from the talents and necessities. An idea that has always been in the minds of its employees and in the day to day of its collaborators and clients.

Cobasi brings the possibility for us to reconnect with our essential and “primitive” side. Of who we truly are. It is a state change.

We enter anxious, leave calm.

We enter in a rush, we forget about the time.

We enter scattered, we leave attentive.

We find a place where it is brought to our conscience of what really matters. The relationships, the affection, the simple contemplation of the senses. An invite to appreciate the basic things in life.

In this way, Cobasi’s main vocation is:


SOL Step - how to spread this Purpose energy This is the moment where the Purpose illuminates all of the manifestations of the brand and comes to life! In this way, we translated the essence of a brand in the tagline that connects in a more emotional way Cobasi, with its true consumers:

Essential to life.

And to seal this new phrase, inspired by this concept of looking at the basic and of simplification of relations and life, we redrew its logo, leaving only that which was essential for its recognition. The advertising campaign preserved the signature that we created and brought the theme Life brings life, made by Artplan, which is who signs the pieces.

The result of this challenge was a complete trip to the Universe of the brand, that unraveled its talents, strengths, weaknesses, excavated its Purpose and developed a Positioning that will guide the actions and brand communication from now on.


The PURPOSE work at Cobasi was developed with excellency and care, excavating the story of the company was reliving unique memories of our trajectory, was bringing our essence for reflection, TroianoBranding managed, with a lot of sensibility, to make a synthesis in an assertive way of the culture of the company, from its founding partners, clients and collaborators, without a doubt a work that echoes beyond its completion, very happy to be a part of this moment, it was beautiful.
(Fabiana Guimarães Rosa – Director of Corporate Education)


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