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The first

Brazilian agency dedicated to Branding.





We are 100% brand focused.


Curious and, of course, competent people.


Five areas dedicated to Branding.


Proprietary techniques for research and strategy.


We like people
(a lot).


We produce knowledge.


We seek to fly
with open minds to go further.


But we know how to land and maintain a business focus.


We have smart alliances in Brazil and around the world.


We have more than 29 years on the road.



The company takes on a new business name, reinforcing its commitment to brands.

Double awarded:

By ESOMAR , the award for "Most interesting use of research" with the work "A BELA E A FERA" and the Caboré Award in the category of specialized service.

Brands & Values was created, the first Brazilian company to operate in the area of brand economic evaluation.

Grupo Troiano de Branding is created, with Troiano and Brands & Values, in addition to the new company, BrightHouse Brasil. 

We complete 20 years!

Troiano Branding Group seals a strategic alliance with AYR Worldwide.

Reformulation of its visual identity, with the preservation of the name.

We became an associate of the Gerald Zaltman consultancy, being the only Brazilian company to operate with the ZMET product

Troiano Branding Group is renamed TroianoBranding , bringing together the five areas that make up our service portfolio.

Jaime Troiano
Cecilia Troiano
Jaime Troiano
Gerald Zaltman
Jaime e Cecilia Troiano

We complete 25 years! And we reaffirm ourselves as a reference in Branding in Brazil.

Jaime Troiano
Estratégias de Consumidor
, the first Brazilian company focused on brand management.

Cecilia Russo enters the company as Director and starts to share the management with Jaime Troiano.

We have transformed 27 years of experience with brands into a complete, 100% online course: Brandpedia.



Talent Team

Cecilia Troiano
Cecilia Russo Troiano


Psychologist from PUC-SP and Master in Gender from Georgia State University. Partner and director of TroianoBranding, author of 4 books on brands and equilibrist women, columnist for Pais & Filhos and CBN, where she shares the weekly program on brands with Jaime Troiano and Milton Jung.

Dafne Cantoia

Branding Coordinator

Graduated in Public Relations from Faculdade Cásper Líbero, Dafne has experience with content management for digital media, is a content creator and has been working with research and market insights for 3 years. She is passionate about communication, and a heavy user of social media.

Guilherme Pereira


Graduating as a Technologist in Graphic Design, Guilherme also has a degree in Visual Communication and a certification in creative typography from the Panamerican School of Art and Design. He is responsible for printed materials, art and publishing, also helping on presentations with images, arts and graphics.

Jacqueline Santos
Jacqueline de Bessa

Head of Strategy
and Research

Graduated in Advertising at USP, with an MBA in Business Management at FIA Business School. She has worked in advertising and CRM agencies, and comes from a solid career as a retail marketing executive in the oil & gas sector. She is passionate about people and the strength and influence of brands on human behavior.

Julia Shiomi

Branding Analyst

Currently studying Radio, TV and Internet at FAAP, Júlia is our Projects intern. Being a Gemini, she seeks to learn a little bit of everything and discover new interests. She has worked in the fashion and marketing industry - and, she is enrolled in Sports Marketing to learn more about her lifelong passion, Formula 1. Her other passions include: books, music, and astrology.

Marley Liange
Marley Liange

Financial and Administration

She has been working at TroianoBranding since 2008. Marley loves listening to good music and swimming. She is a light and lively person who rides her motorcycle every day to come to work. Oh, and she makes delicious cakes!

Mirella Tozetto

Branding Analyst

Mirella is our branding intern. Currently studying Social Communication with a license in Radio, TV, and Internet at FAAP, she has also started a double qualification in Cinema. Passionate about audiovisual and all forms of communication and art, she has worked with Rádio Cultura, studied at the Escola de Atores Wolf Maya, and is an actress. When it comes to sports, her passion is Formula 1. 

pasted image 0.jpg
Rodrigo Santos


Studying Psychology at PUC-SP and graduated in Photography from Escola Panamericana de Artes e Design, Rodrigo is very interested in how brands influence consumer behavior.

Silvia Alegre
Silvia Alegre


Graduated in Social Sciences and History at the University of São Paulo, master's degree at PUC-SP and currently studying for a PhD at USP. She started to work in research at the Higher Education Research Center at the University of São Paulo, where she acquired training in applied statistics for Social Sciences and training in statistical processing software (SPSS and SAS). Since 1992, she has been working as an independent professional in the field of market research.

Gabriel Troiano

Brand Strategic Writer

Graduating in Communications and Sociology at Furman University, with a Master’s in Creative Writing & Education at Goldsmiths, University of London. Having experience working in content creation in different countries, Gabriel is passionate about writing and has written his own poetry book. Working from London, UK, he also likes to stay active and attend culture and arts events in the British capital.

Eduardo Araujo
Eduardo Araujo

Head of Strategy and Design

Graduate in Industrial Design, with emphasis on Product Design, at Mackenzie. As a designer, he has always enjoyed studying semiotics and gestalt to understand the emotional aspects that can be conveyed through forms. That was his cue: To study more consumer behavior until he found and fell in love with branding, understanding that design is the final tip of the strategy.

Juliana Balan

Designer and  
Social Media

Juliana has a degree in Social Communication from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, with an emphasis on Radio, TV and Internet. In addition to her passion for Communication and Graphic Design, having some individual certifications specializing in these areas, she works on her own personal project of content creation for social networks and her image as a gigital micro-influencer.

Jaime Troiano
Jaime Troiano


Chemical Engineer (FEI) and Sociologist (USP). He founded and presides over TroianoBranding for 30 years.
Author of 4 books on brand management and consumer behavior. Member of the Hall of Fame of Marketing Professionals in Brazil.

Marcelo Duri
Marcelo Duri

IT Consultant

He takes care of our network and documents that mark the history of Troiano, ensuring day-to-day agility and confidentiality of our customers' strategic information. Very friendly and hands-on, he is always present and attentive.

Michaela Ergas
Michaela Ergas

Branding Coordinator

Graduated in Social Communication, with an emphasis on Advertising, at FAAP. Her professional experience includes working at a brand licensing agency, at events (for example, in “Folha Top Of Mind”), Advertising and Artistic Production. Michaela has singing as a hobby, she likes to compose songs, and has had her creations released on digital platforms.

Patricia Ferraz
Patricia Ferraz

Head TroianoBranding Lisboa

Chemical Engineer from FAAP, with a career divided into project management and financial management. Her professional experience includes 12 years as a consultant at TroianoBranding and more than a decade in leadership positions in the financial area. She brings an analytical look to the study of brands.

Sérgio Guardado

Design & Semiotics

Renowned design professional with a degree in linguistics from USP and a specialization in Design Research from Brunel University (UK). He taught Design (post-ESPM), Brand Architecture (post-Branding Rio Branco) and is currently Professor of Research for Design and Branding in the branding graduate course at Universidade Positivo.
Founder and partner of Seragini Design and Sutil Design Lab, specialized in design and branding research; led numerous evaluation, design and redesign projects for brands such as Arno, Perdigão, Eternit, Amanco, COC, Cereser, among others.


"I have been working in partnership with Troiano for approximately 5 years, developing projects for new products and research that involve the entire female universe. Certainly, the teachings we had at Troiano have made all the difference in the care of our patients. For the first time in the history of Gynecology, we were at the first place in marketing assets, of the Sindusfarma Research, which has great relevance for our category, since it is developed with the main gynecologists in Brazil. For sure, the partnership we have with Troiano has put us at the forefront of our projects and helps us in the search for a personalized and special care for our patients."

Paula Sotille

Gynecology Group Manager - Libbs


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