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Case Fahrenheit

The Fahrenheit restaurant is a new gastronomic destiny of Shopping JK Iguatemi. In every detail, from its delicious plates to its trendy environment, it was inspired by a powerful brand positioning. Together with the owner and some collaborators, we developed a project that evokes two things that we value at TroianoBranding: authenticity and creativity.


With the name already defined, the owner was looking for a positioning and identity aligned with his dream for the home: a trendy and modern restaurant that could offer a unique and relaxed experience. This dream and name served as guides for our joint construction of a brand platform that would reveal the essence of the restaurant, something that would go beyond the words.


From this idealization from the client, we dove deep into the universe of the brand and planned possible association with the Fahrenheit name.

Being related to the temperature scale, we got inspiration from the metaphoric side that its two poles bring, the hot and cold, in the amplitude that the scale proposes. It was a brainstorming and research work to create intelligent associations that armed us for the elaboration of the brand pillars and its positioning.


Inspired by the outputs of our deep dive and client directioning, we built a genuine and complete brand platform.

We developed three personality traits that represented the innumerous qualities and proposals of the restaurant: gamechanger, that comes from the instigating character and from proposing a way out of the comfort zone, intense, the wish to live every moment profoundly, and open minded, of being open and receptive to what is different, the new and the unlikely.

Each aspect needed to be translated into the visual identity and, with the collaboration of Loko Design, we reached a result that reflects all of the plurality, strength and expansion contained in the brand’s proposal.

Uniting its intensity, its arms open to the diverse and its desire to transmute what needs to be transmuted, the signature “it’s all fresh. it’s all fire” synthesized the positioning. Closing with an emphasis, the manifesto that we consolidated was materialized into a video produced by Sobrado.TV, to inspire clients and collaborators and to express all that being Fahrenheit means.


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