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AVON INSTITUTE: Together we transform

Our team is made up of many women and we love to be a part of projects that are transformative for them. And specifically this project touched us in a very special way, because we shared this dream of seeing more women conscious of their possibilities and limitless in their quest to fly where their wings, hearts and minds guide them to.


Avon is a brand that has as its mission promoting the independence and equality of opportunities for women, beyond incentivizing them to embody themselves more and to feel more pretty.

Born from this strong “mother,” Avon Institute, since its origin, more than 15 ago, acts to bring awareness regarding two causes of extreme relevance: the fight against breast cancer and violence against women.

However, despite all the amazing work that Avon Institute had already done, it didn’t have a clear positioning and its communication strategy in general, both visually and verbally, wasn’t clearly translating all of this strength.


Wanting to identify this positioning and bring its personality into its communication, we explored the public’s perception, internal and external, completing various interviews with the team and with partners. Beyond this, we dove deep into the universe of the Institutes, including one visit to the Cancer Hospital in Barretos.

From these learnings, we developed the brand’s platform.

With the platform defined, we revisited the visual identity, looking to perform another analysis that translated all the potency of the Institute. And finally, to disseminate this positioning, we suggested strengthening actions and material for internal engagement.


As a result of this work, we identified that the Avon Institute has a feminine soul that is: brave, passionate, truthful, restless, articulate and wise. With this in mind, we looked at these values and decided to adapt them to the language of the mother brand, utilizing elements of beauty and makeup.

We defined a tone of language so that the brand could communicate in a more assertive way and a way that was more aligned with its personality.

And this is how we got to a synthesis phrase that managed to translate the purest essence of what Avon Institute does:


This is what motivates all its team, what is behind all of the activities. It’s what gets resellers emotional, partners and all of the web that makes up Avon Institute, each and every single day. After all, the Avon Institute doesn’t do anything alone. The collective is the basis of its proposal.

The manifesto created by TroianoBranding summarizes this meaning that emanates from the Avon Institute and gives life to its positioning. Check out the video manifesto, narrated by Adriana Couto.


“Our journey of discovery side by side with TroianoBranding brought us the awareness that our courage reflects the millions of women, whose dreams and wishes we represent, to create a life filled with colors.”
Daniela Grelin - Executive Director of Avon Institute


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