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AEGEA PURPOSE: The water that gives life

One of the things that we are most proud of here at TroianoBranding is working with brands that deal with fundamental issues for our country, like is the case with AEGEA, a basic sanitation company.


Formed by specialists in treating and distributing water and in private initiatives that supply the necessities of many people, AEGEA was born with a focus on “building.” And, over the years, they have built legacies in multiple places in Brazil, reaching today almost 50 concessions, always understanding and respecting the particularity of each of these places.

However, the brand didn’t have a unified vision, not by the external and neither by the internal public. Because of this, our challenge was to connect these different “Brasis” and, in doing so, scale the importance of its presence in the country, aligning not only vision, but also the behaviors and communication of the company.


We identified that the response would be to excavate the Purpose of Aegea, that is, its real reason for existing. This sentiment, beyond motivating and engaging its collaborators to act in a more aligned manner, would also inspire the population of different places where the concessions are located.

To do this, we utilized our exclusive methodology: the So(u)l Route.

This methodology has, as its great inspiration, a millennial postulate, created by Aristotle.

“Where the needs of the world and your talents cross, there lies your vocation.”

To complete this work, we had the privilege of visiting some of the concessions, speaking to the AEGEA team and with the local communities.

Afterwards, we gathered around with what we call the Energizers: professionals from areas of human knowledge that help us to understand the role that the brand has before the world.


And so, we identified 5 talents and 3 necessities that they could tend to:

What we excavated in our dive was a company that goes, literally and metaphorically, beyond the expected, that works so that the environment remains in equilibrium, while the water is utilized in its natural cycle.

This is its nature: the capacity to understand differences and search for connections. Like the water, that shapes itself and connects us. It is through these capacities that the brand guarantees the health and dignity for so many people.

Its Purpose illuminates the brand’s desire to create lives are truly worth of citizenship, of a bluer future.


And it was the Purpose that inspired the VISUAL IDENTITY, that mirrors that natural cycle that gives life its movement, evidenced by the palindrome in its name.

Aegea is one of the companies which we are very proud to share and be a part of its history, because it’s a brand that inspires life, inspires lives.


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