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A Branding Look

Jaime Troiano

Meet the CEO of TroianoBranding
Jaime Troiano
How did you get into Branding?
I'm a Chemical Engineer from FEI and I've always liked chemical processes where you don't exactly see the sub-microscopic elements, but you see the results they cause. Then, I got entangled with Sociology where I graduated from USP. There, I fell in love with sociology of religion. Once again, I was studying the visible effects of deep feelings and beliefs that you don't see, but that visibly affect the behavior of people and social groups. From there, it was a leap to Branding, where we also don't see how, internally, brands connect with consumers' hearts and preferences, but we clearly see the effect of this in the market.
How would you define your Purpose at TroianoBranding?
To be an agent that helps to improve consumer relations, respecting the intelligence of consumers. And making companies see that they don't work for something abstract called ‘market,’ but for the Society around us. Branding will be more successful the more it is used as a tool for the evolution of social relations and capitalism in our country. Many successful companies have already discovered that this is the path that leads us to the Brazil we want.
Jaime Troiano
What other areas of human knowledge inspire you on a daily basis?
I understand very little, but I can't get away from two things: psychology in general, but psychoanalysis in particular. And classical music. Something I follow daily, on international radio stations and on our Cultura FM, or on OSESP. It is a passion that only grows with time.
How do you see the future of Branding, especially in Brazil?
We still have a lot of work ahead. Thinking about Branding, we are not yet at the end, nor at the beginning of the end, but only at the end of the beginning. Let's put aside our professional narcissism if we want Branding to really help companies and their brands to build valid and promising relationships with the people they serve.

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