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Cecília Russo Troiano

Meet the Director of TroianoBranding
Cecilia Russo Troiano

A Branding look

Cecília Troiano
How did you get to Branding?
When I was in Psychology, I became interested in Consumer Psychology and my first job was in this area, in Consumer Insights. From understanding people to consumer behavior, Branding was a natural step. At first, I found transferring Psychology concepts to the Branding universe complicated. Today, so many years later, I can't think of Branding without this deep dive into people's minds and hearts.
How would you define your Purpose at TroianoBranding?
I start by saying that our Purpose is not a little painting on the wall that we live every day. Our main reason for existing is to be able to be with our customers and to build brand stories together that can positively impact people's lives. We are passionate about what we do and this energy is felt by those who are by our side, whether it is our team or our customers. That's because, more than delivering good projects, we want to build beautiful brand stories that genuinely promote a positive impact on society.
What other lines of human knowledge inspire you on a daily basis?
Without a doubt, Psychology is my great source of inspiration, especially the Jungian approach, an area of knowledge that I have been dedicating myself to for the last 5 years and in which I became a specialist at the end of 2021. In addition, in an “earthlier” way, I practice social voyeurism daily, that is, having a huge curiosity about the world, being attentive to people, their choices, their behavior. It's not a specific area of knowledge, but this curious look teaches me a lot. Added to that, I have a whole literary and educational focused personal journey on gender studies, especially narrowing on the dilemma of family and career balance in women's lives.
How do you see the future of Branding, especially in Brazil?
There is still much to do in Brazil in this area, as in so many others. There are still too many false promises, too many empty brands and speeches without truth. We believe in Branding that is born from the inside out, from an original vocation, from the commitment of leaders that spreads throughout everyone and gains strength. To reach this stage, Branding still needs to improve, put aside false and sterile constructions, and build valuable paths, for brand managers and especially for society. In short, there is a lot of room for a more mature and responsible Branding in our country.

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