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We conduct courses and workshops with teams that seek innovative solutions guided by the brand.



We take topics that are relevant to your team of professionals and to the companies with which you interact. Because we understand that the brand starts from the inside out.

Workshops, lectures, online courses customized to the reality of each team.
We design everything - number of classes, themes, schedules, formats, number of participants - to meet your company's demand in the most targeted way possible.

Here is some of the content we can offer:


What is 

Essential concepts about brands, consumers and branding. A discussion about the fundamental part of brands in the life of companies and in the daily lives of consumers and customers.


Brand Signs

A discussion on the signs that individualize a brand: its name and its visual representation.


Branding Architecture

Brands grow and multiply. And your company needs to organize them all. Brand architecture models and their advantages and disadvantages. 


Brand Research and Consumer Behavior

An overview of the universe of brand research.


Brand Experience

An experience management model that works with the 5 senses. And a look at the brand experience in the digital world: how to make it come to life?


Brand Purpose

What is brand purpose and why is this concept gaining more and more importance?What is the difference between cause and purpose? And between positioning and purpose?



After all, what is positioning? How is a positioning built?

What is the difference between identity, positioning and brand image?


Brands and innovation

Innovate without losing the essence of the brand. The price of non-innovation and the price of innovating the wrong way.


Branding Communication

How to communicate respecting the brand's platform, in order to avoid blind flights and the dispersion of resources.

Looking for a specific theme for your brand? Talk to us.
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