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Naming Matrion

The planning phase of a new life is the most important period for all of us, whether we are mothers, fathers or children. As it is, we had the mission of creating a name for an essential product during this phase.


Libbs Pharmaceutical is one of the most relevant companies in its sector and guides itself by its purpose: to contribute so that people achieve a full life. We at TroianoBranding received the challenge to create a name for a medication that would enter in the moment where life is still just a dream in a mother’s head. We are talking about glucosamine L-methylfolate, the active formula of folic acid that offers a more efficient form of absorption by the metabolism. Folates are important to the development of the neural tube of the baby. And Libbs’ product is better than the common folic acid, because it has the active metabolite of folic acid that doesn’t need to be metabolized, facilitating its effect. Our challenge was to create a name for a product that encompassed this special moment in the life of a woman.


To get to the idea, we took into consideration 3 main pillars:

1) the physical characteristics of the product, its active mechanism that allowed the folic acid to be absorbed in a fuller and more complete way by the mother’s organism (comparing to the common folic acid) and that would guarantee the health of the baby;

2) the research we conducted with women that were planning to get pregnant and with the ones already 3 months into their pregnancy;

3) the verbal identity that we built for the brand, tracing its personality that revolved around the: mother’s tenderness combined with the efficiency of the immediate absorption of the folic acid.


The name that we arrived at was MATRION. The creation for this name came from two main elements, one that was very emotional, tied to the affection between mother and son, and the other more objective, tied to the active mechanism of the medication

MATRI was inspired by maternity. And nothing is more representative than this than the russian legend of the Matrioska, in which the carpenter Sergei created a wooden doll that would ask for a daughter, because she felt lonely. The rest of the story and the multiplying power of the maternal soul you already know. On the other hand, the suffix ON (from MatriON) refers to the activation of the folic acid, to the “start” of the mother’s organism preparing for a healthy baby’s arrival. The combination of MATRI + ON led us to MATRION. A name with affection and efficacy activated.

We chose a name that breaks the harder standard of its competitors, that limits themselves to bringing just the idea of the molecule. MATRION understands the woman and the importance of taking care of herself to tend for the baby soon to come.


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