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Coldplay, a brand beyond good and evil

By: Gabriel Troiano

Those who know me, inside and outside of TroianoBranding, know how much I love music. Of the 24 hours in a day, I listen to music for approximately 18 hours. I listen to it when I go to sleep, when I have breakfast, when I'm reading. That's why it's a pleasure to be able to talk about a band that has been killing it recently on stage in our city of São Paulo: Coldplay.

Above good and evil is the title of this article, and perhaps a phrase that resonates with many people who listen to or know something about the group. Coldplay became a symbol that is synonymous with joy and happiness, with jubilation. It became a brand, and not just any brand, a powerful, popular and, above all, long-lasting brand. They have a lot to teach us, those of us who work with Branding and all those who are music fans and passionate about the world of brands.

‘Turn your magic on, umi she'd say

Everything you want's a dream away

Under this pressure, under this weight

We are diamonds taking shape.’

These lyrics from Coldplay's "Adventure of a Lifetime" offer us a comprehension of how time, as well as the pressure that makes a diamond grow, helped the group solidify themselves in the industry after years of dedication and love for their fans. Love that is being very evident in the recent shows that Coldplay have been playing in São Paulo, despite the complications in the stadiums that received thousands of complaints from people of all ages. Mud, puddles, general disorganization, all of this could have disrupted the event and prevented fans from enjoying the experience of seeing their favorite band. But, as the title says, Coldplay, with their popularity, rose above all these obstacles and made the ground shake, made people's hearts jump faster.

Even with all the difficulties, the band knew how to take advantage of the opportunity and sold the tickets to the point of not having any left. Sold out even at the hands of money changers. But what makes Coldplay such an adored and relevant brand in today's world? We summarized the following points, using our experience with Branding, to talk more about this English band and brand that we love so much.

1. An easy-to-consume (and strong) product

Coldplay has a long history, beginning its career in 1996 with founding members Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland. With the release of albums such as “Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends”, “A Rush of Blood to the Head” and “A Head Full of Dreams”, Coldplay solidified themselves as one of the biggest bands in the world, breaking music sales records and constantly placing themselves on the top of the Billboard list. It's brands like this that have products that are so strong and so consistent that they end up becoming the “people’s favorite”. This of course in addition to having easy-to-consume songs like “Viva La Vida”, “Yellow” and “The Scientist”, relatable lyrics, and melodies that stir our emotions and playful instinct. A strong brand always starts with a good product and Coldplay has plenty of that.

2. The charisma of the English frontman

There is nothing better than being in contact with a person and a product that makes us happy and makes our lives better. As a frontman, Chris Martin has an undeniable charm and attracts thousands of fans around the world, from all age groups. In the recent shows he did in São Paulo, many of our acquaintances spoke of his friendliness and generosity. There were even moments when Chris thanked the audience and stadium officials in Portuguese, squeezing out a “obrigado” and “gratidão” in his English accent. By the way, Chris reminds us of another famous English frontman, Paul McCartney, who continues to win over fans with his music and charm. It's no wonder that many of the internationally renowned bands are English. These people know how to open up to the world, they know how to accept differences in others and extend a helping hand. It's a typical English custom, which I personally noticed living here in London. Point to Chris Martin's charisma in building a strong brand, being a spokesperson who creates bonds in a spontaneous and genuine way.

3. The supporting cast are also part of the show

A frontman like Chris Martin could very easily overshadow the rest of the band, who have their role within the ensemble. But that doesn't happen, and instead of Coldplay being a "one man show", the supporting cast are able to show themselves to us as musicians and performers who follow the same vein as Chris. They are all friendly, charismatic, smiley and inspiring. They play their instruments with passion, as if their souls were intertwined romantically with the lyrics and melodies. They're not forcing themselves to be someone they're not, they're just following what comes most naturally to the Coldplay spirit. How many brands have we seen walk this path, intending to communicate and act in a very different way from their original style, just to please a certain audience. These brands lose sight of their Purpose and fall into many pitfalls in the market. They should learn from Coldplay to stay true to themselves.

4. A superb live brand experience

Those who went to the band's concert in São Paulo, like our analysts Júlia Shiomi and Mirella Tozetto, and our director Cecília Russo Troiano, experienced the power and level of engagement that the group's performance provides. And we can go beyond the music, to talk about the show itself. From the bracelets that glow in the dark controlled by GPS, making an incredible sight at night, to the sound system in the stadium, the band invites the audience to engage and become the fifth member, singing and dancing with the enthusiasm of all members. Júlia Mirella, and Cecília even said that there were times when they asked for everyone in the stadium to put away their cell phones so people could be present in the moment, fully living and breathing the whole experience. Coldplay is a band that delivers a unique brand experience, where fans leave feeling thrilled, touched, and those who came together to follow, leave as new evangelists of the group.

5. Coldplay stays active and philanthropic

We know many brands that live off their average reputational balance, that feed on their past. But we know that it is those that continue to feed their reputation that end up becoming even stronger and admired by the public. This is the case of Coldplay, which, in addition to producing and releasing new music, is always looking for new connections, opportunities to support charities and NGOs such as Amnesty International or Red Cross. Coldplay’s welcoming spirit can also be seen in their push to improve the inclusion of people during the show who suffer from sensory impairments. Like, for example, by providing sign language interpreters for deaf and hard of hearing guests, so that they can feel a stronger connection to the music. With all these initiatives, Coldplay becomes more than a band and transforms itself into a brand that cares about its fans and everyone who comes into contact with their music, including the planet.

I remember other bands that I like that have the same welcoming Coldplay style, like Metallica and the Rolling Stones, who are still active and touring all over the world. Perhaps, the secret of these artists is the absolute respect they place in these 5 points mentioned in the article, having as an end result a unique longevity that makes them stand out. We admire Coldplay a lot, as a band, as an inspiration for our world of Branding, and as a brand. We have a lot to learn from them. The shows in São Paulo were just a glimpse of the incredible work the band has been doing. We can be sure that, even when everything conspires against us, when we face challenging situations like those faced by people at the stadium in São Paulo with incessant rains, we will leave as Coldplay fans, whether we are completing our 20, 40 or 80 years of life. I will say it again: Coldplay is joy, passion, happiness, it's the source we should have as reference, with products and a soul that makes any artist or brand jealous!


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