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Case Weleda

For 100 years, Weleda has as its purpose connecting human beings to nature, with the objective of maintaining, promoting, and restoring people’s health. Like we at TroianoBranding, the pharmaceutical company values sensitized human touch and comes to add to the projects that make us emotional.


With the arrival of its 100-year anniversary, the company was faced with the opportunity to align, even more so, its ties with the Brazilian customer. It was in this way that the idea came to create a brand narrative that started from Weleda’s global Purpose, but that was also in harmony with our country. Looking to build a material coherent with the values of the brand and that touched every one of its collaborators and consumers, Weleda sought TroianoBranding for the creation of this narrative.


For the construction of the narrative, we created a collaborative project together with the client. After an in-depth research of the brand, we did a powerful Workshop with the Weleda team, in partnership with the company CoCriar, that was responsible for the facilitation of conversation and exchanges in this gathering. The material produced from this event served as a subsidy for the creation of some narratives that, posteriorly, were tested by TroianoBranding together with consumers through the MobE methodology - a digital ethnographic research tool. With this process concluded, we were sufficiently armed to align the final narrative of Weleda.


To disseminate this brand narrative in an inspiring and emotional way, we built the manifesto for Weleda, uniting nature and humanity, reinforcing this connection which is so important.

From this, we produced, together with Candela the video manifesto that gave form, movement, colors and emotion to the Weleda narrative. The 1 minute clip was used both internally, as in the company’s social media platforms.

This video was an invitation from Weleda for us to reflect about our way of living and of relating to nature, sensitizing ourselves to be more aware of our surroundings, in connection with the world around us that hugs and heals us. With the manifesto being consolidated, Weleda shared with the world, and especially, with Brazil, its purpose in a truthful and inspiring way.


Manifesto by: Gabriel Troiano

Video by: Candela Produções


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