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The most complete Branding course in Brazil.

TroianoBranding has gathered its more than 30 years of experience in brand management to bring the course that has been taking place in person for 11 years in a new format, now online and interactive.
Brandpedia was launched earlier this year and has 60 recorded classes and a fantastic team of teachers, led by our directors, Jaime Troiano and Cecília Russo Troiano.
The course is for brand managers of all segments and sizes, and especially for those who are curious, for those who are passionate about business, for those who risk everything to undertake and want to do it by building their brand correctly and intelligently.
Come and get to know the course, you will certainly leave as an even more prepared professional ready to face this amazing adventure of Branding. 



New products

Xandô, a brand recognized for its famous orange juice and type A milk, launched a new positioning and expanded its range of products.
The company had already expanded its portfolio from orange juice to grape juice, and is now moving on to other flavors such as apple, lemonade, and pineapple. One of the current highlights is MIX Xandô, an orange, pineapple, carrot and ginger juice. The result is extremely refreshing!
TroianoBranding recently carried out an in-depth study of the brand, using our own methodologies. This study not only provided guidelines for brand extension, but also inspired this new positioning.  
Xandô excels in whole, natural juices and high quality milk, prioritizing flavor, healthiness and other essential attributes to produce healthy drinks.



Brand Positioning

Sankhya Gestão de Negócios is one of the largest companies providing integrated solutions for corporate management in Brazil.
With a Purpose already internalized in the organization, guiding the company's actions, Sankhya sought a new brand positioning that highlighted its competitive differentials, conveying the essence of the company to increasingly conquer its space in the market. That was the mission of TroianoBranding.
For the company, it is important to generate autonomy and freedom for each one to be the protagonist of its evolution. They clearly understand the business movement and transform lives through management.

It was thus, through the Value Tree methodology, that TroianoBranding identified the main characteristics that differentiate the company. From this immersion, we created Sankhya's value proposition, bringing the customer focus and the idea of freedom of individual and collective growth.

Women Holding Hands


IUMI ES Digital Observatory

What do a firefighter, a nurse on the front lines of COVID-19, a mother-of-two teacher and a student preparing for college entrance exams have in common?  
Libbs Farmacêutica has in its portfolio the Iumi ES, a contraceptive made for women who are always on the move, running out of time to do their daily tasks and take care of everything.  
Iumi ES offers the flexible extended regimen, which gives a woman more freedom over her menstrual cycle. The intake is continuous, with greater control for the days of menstruation and reduction of PMS symptoms, expanding the woman's possibility of choice in relation to her cycle.  
Libbs held, on April 13, another edition of the Digital Observatory, a content panel aimed at physicians. In this online event, with Dr. Eliana Nahas, a gynecologist with the moderation of Cecília Russo Troiano, director of TroianoBranding, four women shared their experiences of this busy routine in common. 
The audience, made up of specialist doctors from all over Brazil, were able to listen to these women and better understand the features and benefits of Iumi ES, supported by the lessons brought by Dr. Eliana.
The purpose of the event was, much more than the reinforcement and dissemination of the brand, the dissemination of medical knowledge and understanding of patients, providing the opportunity to listen to these women outside the office environment.

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