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Case Xandô

Pioneer in the production of Type A milks, for 39 years, Xandô has been part of the lives of millions of brazilians. We at TroianoBranding love working with Brazilian and family-owned brands, like ours. Working with these brands is part of valuing our own strengths and Xandô is one of them.


Xandô is a brand that cherishes its healthiness and that, in the last years, has been working to bring more options to people, expanding its portfolio in a gradual and coherent way. Today, it has more than 5 types of milk, white cheese, whipped cream and more than 5 types of juices in different packages.

The company reached out to us in this moment where they were rethinking their future and understood that, beyond the search for innovation, it needed to analyze its branding strategy, in a profound and judicious way, to develop its brand platform and from this, expand its horizons even more, developing an extension of the Xandô brand to new categories as to reinforce the promise of the brand.


We worked with TroianoResearch, with the diagnostic and exploration of paths to expand the portfolio, and with TroianoSignify, in the construction of the positioning and brand narrative.

In our diagnostic, we talked with consumers of type A milk and whole juice of the brand Xandô and of competing brands, looking to understand not only their behavior and vision of the brand, but also how to explore the understanding of the concepts “type A milk” and “whole juice.” For the main decision we were after, helping the client in the company’s decision in relation to extending the brand to new categories, we relied on our own methodology, the “Brandsun.” This is a technique that identifies the limits of elasticity of the brand and brings solid subsidies to the decision for which products Xandô could encompass.


This project is still in the implementation phase, but, even before it was fully completed, our client Xandô had in their hands a powerful positioning and brand extension path. This path has oriented their launches and communication campaigns. In the pipeline for Xandô there are also various products that reaffirm the brand’s promise and help its story come to life, not only because of what Xandô communicates, but also because of what it does. Let’s wait and we will surely see more Xandô products very soon!!!


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