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Case Instituto Assaí + Academia Assaí

In the interconnection between entrepreneurship, nutrition and sports, and with a complete focus on ethics, empathy, and respect, an Institute is born, the Instituto Assaí

Not long ago, Assaí Atacadista belonged to the Grupo Pão de Açúcar and developed its activities of Social Responsibility inside the GPA Institute umbrella. Inside these activities, two of them stood out. The first is the Academia Assaí, a large proprietary program that seeks to provide knowledge, training, and recognition to micro and small entrepreneurs, especially in the food sector. The second gathers all efforts related to food charity, benefiting all the communities around all of the Assaí stores.

From the split of the companies, in 2021, Assaí saw the opportunity to create its own institute to bring even more impact and development to its communities and micro and small entrepreneurs.

TroianoBranding was called on this moment, to help in the construction of the vision, mission, values and Purpose of the brand.


To develop this construction, we performed a series of interviews with the company’s directors, seeking to understand what fuels the organization to act with such responsibility and passion in its social projects.


From our discoveries of these interviews, we arrived at 3 main fronts that would serve as reference points for the institute:




The next step was an ideation workshop, with the participation of representatives of various areas of the company, for the creation of the main pillars, or strategic drivers, of the Instituto Assaí. With an exceptional engagement from all of this team, the mission, vision, values and purpose of Assaí’s social branch was defined.


After this strategy was defined, the path towards creating the visual identity for the Institute became very clear, through the combination of 3 elements: under the sun of Assaí (the mother-brand comes from Assahi, which means morning sun in japanese), the logo of the Institute brings the “I” of Institute and the “A” of Assaí, forming the drawing of a house, that welcomes and impacts the lives of many people.

To mark this new moment of social compromise for Assaí, a new identity for the Academia Assaí was also developed. The new logo that we created brings a combination of senses tied to the Academy’s work:

  • the star, that brings light and orientation, as it so happens with all of the courses and contents available through the Academy

  • the shape of a ring-around-the-rosey, that illustrates the entire entrepreneur community and the networking provided by the Academy;

  • the image of the house, that illustrates Instituto Assaí.


About these pillars and to disseminate these narratives in an inspiring way, we developed a manifesto that, in video format, marked the great launch of the Institute, in September of 2022.

More than a simple proposal, we are all invited to celebrate Academia and Instituto Assaí’s commitment to the people and communities that have always strived towards a better life.


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